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Handles - Mix
Handle - Camouflage - Green/Blue
Handle - Camouflage - Blue/Purple Camo
Handle - Holographic - Blue
Handle - Holographic - Pink
Handle - Holographic - Silver
Handle - Leopard - Pink
Handle - Leopard - White
Handle - Leopard - Yellow
Handle - Neon Pink
Handle - Silver
Handle - Turquoise
Handle - White
Handle - Yellow


If you want to stand out from the crowd with your own unique look and style, you might want to consider mix and matching with these handles. And since they are all sold by the piece, not as a pair, you can have a lot of different combinations and have fun doing it.

• 2 length options

• Padding in the grip area

• The actual color might be different from what you see on the screen, depending upon the color calibration setup on your device.