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Unicorn x White Handle
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Unicorn x White Handle
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Fluffy - Unicorn

Fluffy was our second line after Bubbly, which turned out to be the most popular style among the younger skaters. And this time, it’s back with two tie-dye prints!

Both prints, Unicorn and Mystic Purple, feel just right with this super-soft and fluffy faux fur material we chose to go with.  And of course, with these tie-dye themed prints, you know that your pattern is slightly but definitely different from others. Combined with swappable handle options, it can’t get any more personal than that!

White handles matching other accent pieces and logo label are the default options, but can be switched to two handles of your choice at no additional cost. 

Utility chains and extra handles are also available here.

• Dimensions: 11.5 x 5.5 x 8 in. (29 x 14 x 20cm)

• The actual colors might appear different from what you see on the screen, depending upon the color calibration setup on your device.