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Frequently Asked Questions

The list is short for now, as we just launched, but we will keep adding more over the time. 

  • We heard you folded a while ago. Are you really back in business again?
We did make a hard decision of folding about a year ago, stemming from our frustrations over slow development of our next generation products. But we knew we had some great ideas on hand, and also encouraged by so many "why?" messages from our fans, we decided to regroup and give it one more try... but with somewhat scaled back features and also much smaller production volume to really focus on bringing it to market this time. So, yes, we are back for now, but our future heavily depends upon how we do with these new pieces.

    • Are they going to be available at stores again? 

    The short answer is no, for now. This is our first product release with the new design, and we'd like to run a few small productions to make sure that everything works the way it's supposed to before turning it up for a wider availability.


      • Are you going to offer more colors/styles in the future?
      We would love to, but again, we need to take one step at a time. We will see how things go.