Frosty Pink x Silver Handle
Frosty Pink x Silver Handle
Frosty Pink x Blue Holographic Handle
Frosty Pink x White Handle
Frosty Pink x Neon Pink Handle
Inside Pockets

Jazzy - Frosty Pink

Our third line Jazzy, which was originally intended for slightly older skaters with somewhat muted metallic colors, comes back with the updated look and feel.

Clad in resin polyester mix material that is donned up with our new signature herringbone quilting, the combination of matte and metallic sports a confident and elegant look without being too flashy.

Silver handles matching other accent pieces and logo label are the default options, but can be switched to two handles of your choice at no additional cost. 

Utility chains and extra handles are also available here.


• Dimensions: 11.5 x 5.5 x 8 in. (29 x 14 x 20cm)

• The actual colors might appear different from what you see on the screen, depending upon the color calibration setup on your device.