Much of the focus is the same; offering skaters an easy organization for their in-rink essentials while keeping their spirits up with its iconic style and vibrant colors... except we just took it to a whole new level, inside and out!

Better yet, you can now “mix and match” your handles while multi-purpose aluminum utility chain links can be both functional and stylish additions. 

  • Tighter Fit & Better Balance

    Based on the feedback on the 2020 version, we made the tote slightly smaller overall, except for the height. Together with the new anchored chain, it offers much better maneuverability and integrity when it's set on top of your rollerboard.

  • More Handle Options

    Of course, we added more handles to the mix! You can go with two of the same or completely different between front and back, high contrasts or just tonal... Absolutely no rules! 

  • More Integrated Utility Chain

    With the new dedicated anchoring points, the utitlity chain hugs your rollerboard handle more tightly than ever before. And also based on the feedback, all Rink Totes are now shipped with the chain included.

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